~ 熊 ~


Go with the flow. 順其自然

Fame at last. 總算出名了!

Time is a great healer. 時間是最佳治療

Great people are often forgetful. Good things often take time. 貴人多忘事,好事多磨。

peace for the ears 耳根清靜

nerdy image 書呆子形象

greenhouse effect 溫室效應

Like father like son. 虎父無犬子

great expectations (for the next generation) 望子成龍,望女成鳳

No pains, no gains. 不勞無獲。不經一番寒徹骨,哪得梅花撲鼻香?

joy from others’ suffering 幸災樂禍

Like attracts like. 物以類聚

Heaven helps those who help themselves. 天助自助者

roll with the punches 逆來順受

It’s no use crying over split milk. 覆水難收

Whenever there is a rule, there is a way to get around it. 上有政策,下有對策

hopeless 一籌莫展

flunking a paper 報告被當

The lecture could have been in Latin, I didn’t understand a word of it. 上課簡直就像在說拉丁文,我一個字也聽不懂

Always visit with ulterior motives. 無事不登三寶殿

loss at both sides 兩敗俱傷

oblivious to consequences 不知好歹

Quick to admit faults but never willing to change bad habits. 勇於認錯,決不改過

Not permitting a shred of pressure. 不留下「一絲壓力」

building from scratch 白手起家

inspiration hits 靈光乍現

text complete with pictures 圖文並茂

To claim knowledge only when it’s there. 知之為知之

Good news never gets out of the door; bad news spreads across a thousand mile. 好事不出門,萬事傳千里

Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧

Sadness arises when happiness reaches its peak. 樂極生悲

Reevaluating the situation after the pain. 痛定思痛

grab the Buddha’s legs at the last minute 臨時抱佛腳

Sharing sweetness and bitterness. 同甘共苦

Mission accomplished. 007 asks for another assignment. 任務完成,00七再次請命

better bend than break 寧屈不折

Getting the snake out of its hole.引蛇出洞

hell on earth 人間煉獄

Strike while the iron is hot. 打鐵趁熱

Don’t put off what you can do today till tomorrow. 今日事,今日畢

Perhaps one challenge of college life is to search for one’s own interests and values. 尋找自己的興趣與價值觀,也算是大學裡的一種挑戰吧。

Misfortunes come in pairs. 禍不單行

Taking part in the grand action. 共襄盛舉

humbly seek knowledge 虛心求教

love at the first sight 一見鍾情

the laissez-faire approach 無為而治

satisfied with mediocrity 得過且過

amazing prophecy 神機妙算

campus gossip 校園八卦

What will be, will be. 盡人事,聽天命

All’s fair in love and war. 愛情與戰爭之前,人人平等

Go for it! 加油!

pretty women in books 書中自有顏如玉

lifting morale 鼓舞士氣

verbal conflict 唇舌戰

We lost the game but won the celebration. 我們輸了球賽,但贏了慶祝。

Money talks. 金錢萬能。有錢能使鬼推磨

Eating makes the emperor. 吃飯皇帝大

I am not sure if it’s because age has increased my wisdom or taken away my courage, but the older I get, the more I am aware of the preciousness of life. 不知歲月是增長了我的智慧,還是拿走了我的膽子,越大越覺得生命的寶貴。

Just the endless support from our family members. 只有家人永遠對我們無怨無止境地支持

Learning is like canoeing against the current, one falls back if he does not try to go forward. 學如逆水行舟,不進則退

This is a sweet deal! 這意見很棒!

Please respond to this message ASAP. (as soon as possible…) 請盡快答覆

BTW (by the way…) 順便

TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!) 感謝上帝,終於到了週末!

Always looking at the next piece of pie. 坐這山,望那山

The rising waves of the Yang-tze River always overarch their predecessors. 長江後浪推前浪

with the uttermost urgency 十萬火急

Assume that everything of yesterday is dead and that everything of today is just beginning to live. 昨日總總,譬如昨日死。今日總總,譬如今日生。

I have been working on this project 24-7. (24 hours a day and 7 days a week…) 我日以繼夜地趕這份報告。

awesome (great!) 太棒了

return with glory 衣錦還鄉

The experience of learning English and adjusting to a new system has changed many of my original views of the world. 學英文與適應新制度的經驗,改變了許多我原本對事情的看法。

Old habits die hard. 積習難改

Little strokes fell great oaks. 滴水穿石。有志者事竟成

Money doesn’t grow on trees. 錢歹賺

Rob Peter to pay Paul. 挖東牆補西牆






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