DJ-Email-Publish v1.6

~ 阿亮 ~

1.6 (2008.12.17)

  • Had been tested with WordPress 2.7.
  • If the post is set as "password protected", the post will not be sent.

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17 Responses to “DJ-Email-Publish v1.6”

  • Xiaoding  說:

    阿亮你好! 很感謝你的這個 Email 發布模組,使得我可以同步自己的 Live Space 。  我是對岸中國大陸的朋友,Tencent 公司有一個 QQ zone 的部落格服務,它僅支持從指定的 Email 來發布文章。我想用你這個模組以登入到指定的 SMTP Server 的方式來發送 Email,請問目前能否考慮加入這一支持?  
    或者你亦可以指點一二,小弟不太懂得 PHP ,略有其它的程式設計經驗……          盼賜教,先行謝過!

  • speedlikecy  說:


  • Benson  說:

    Dear Sir

    I have a issue there, If I wrote a post and set the data in 3 days ago
    The plugin will not work.
    May be I wnat write posts day by day, and I am busy in this weed,
    I write posts for several day when I am avaliable.
    The Plugin will not work success.
    Could you help me to try this?


    • 阿亮  說:

      I had tried to implement this feature.
      But, I still have no idea which wordpress API can work for this feature.

  • Benson  說:

    Thanks Sir.
    I test it, on this night.
    It will autoecute on new post generation(event driven).
    And I check the database,  It write a last-update record in wp-potion table.
    If I insert post through way(ex, sql), your plugin will not excute.
    otherwise, using Zoundry or online write a post, it word great,
    And the letter attech the post link, i
    f we send mail to bloger system in order to post a new article,
    it will helpful for SEO.

    It’s a great plugin.

  • Benson  說:

    Thers is a question.
    I default encode of Chinese is base on Big5.
    Which one you choose? Big5 or UTF8
    It important for me.

  • Benson  說:

    I just need a plugin to publish my blog to Blogger,
    It’s helps a lot.

  • hydar  說:

    can we forward to email but JUST BY CATEGORY ?

  • charles m  說:

    Will this generate duplicate content then?  Isn’t that going to negatively affect SEO?

    • 阿亮  說:

      If you choose “Full Text” mode, the content is duplicated. Actually, I don’t survey deeply about whether the duplicate content will negatively affect SEO because it’s not my intention. From my point of view, finding out duplicate content takes a lot of effort for search engine to compare the whole web pages in the world.

      No matter you choose “Full Text” or “Summary” mode, there are two things for sure. First, you will get many incoming links from your other blogs ( or blogger). Second, MSN will alert with an asterisk for any fresh article. Whether this positively affects SEO or not, it is still in experiment. If I’m asked, yes is the answer from my personal experience.




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