Change LG Connect6 Board into Dynamic Board in Firefox

20080616 Updated: We have Firefox Addon version of this  tool now. Strongly recommend you use that version for better performance. Link to Firefox Addon version !!

This page explains how to read Connect6 boards in Little Golem  by dynamic boards. To install it, please follow the following steps:

1. Download and install GreaseMonkey Addon here .

2. After installation, then restart Firefox. A monkey head icon will appear in the right-bottom corner.


3. Then install the dynamic board script, here: 


4. Login Little Golem’s pages and read the following page as usual.


5. But, when the page is loaded completely in a whlie, our program will be triggerred to change the board into the folloing picture with dynamic boards. Now, you can enjoy using dynamic boards to read the game without accessing LG servers again.


6. If it is your turn, you can directly place two stones on the board. Then, the web will change to new page, and display the “Send move” button on the board, as shown in the following figure.


We also have IE version. See detail page in .

Any Questions, welcome to remain in this page .

Good luck and Enjoy!